About the Forms Center

If you fill out an occasional lease or other rental form, the Forms Center offers an ideal solution. Just log in, select the forms you need, pay a per-form fee through our secure server using your credit or debit card, and fill out the form. A custom PDF is generated instantly, and you can print it or save it to your hard drive for later use.

For owners and managers with more than a couple of units, we recommend TenantTech, which stores data for multiple units and residents, allowing you to quickly complete forms with data you've already entered. For more information, use our Contact Form, or email support@tenanttech.com.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you screen my applicant/tenant for me?

We are not a screening company and we do not do background checks, but we recommend you try ApplyConnect. With this service, you (the landlord, owner, or manager) pay nothing. Instead, the applicant essentially screens themselves, then shares the information with you. It's fast, easy, free, and secure.

How do I know the forms are up to date?

Forms are updated every quarter to ensure compliance with the latest legal opinions. Critical updates are made immediately.

What version of Adobe Reader do I need in order to view the forms?

You'll need at least version 6 of Adobe Reader. You can download the latest version of Adobe Reader here.

Can I edit the info on the forms after they're saved?

You can edit your forms for up to one week after purchase. Once that time is up, you would need to re-purchase the forms to continue editing. We have this restriction so that the forms cannot be used indefinitely for multiple different residents without a new purchase.

Is the Forms Center Macintosh-compatible?

Yes, on the Mac the Forms Center is compatible with all current browsers.

I'm having trouble with a form, can I get help?

For customer service, use our Contact Form, or email support@tenanttech.com.

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